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Meet the dynamic duo behind DERMASATVA – Dr. Rajesh Sharma, a Domain Expert in ancient Indian Medicine and Practicing Physician, and Dr. Deepak Singh, a Seasoned Dedicated Dermatologist – on a mission to revolutionize your hygiene experience.

• Dr. Rajesh Sharma, a practicing General Physician for 16 years and Dr. Deepak Singh, a seasoned dermatologist, since 12 year's , lead Dermasatva.

• We often overlook tailored solutions for intimate hygiene, despite using specialized products for other body parts.

• Dermasatva bridges this gap with a fusion of modern medicine and ancient Ayurveda, effectively purifying intimate areas and eradicating infections.

• Our formulation includes antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal components, alongside ingredients combating odors and promoting skin health.

• Our brand prioritizes top-tier quality, accessibility, and affordability, empowering everyone to embrace their intimate health.

• Each product undergoes meticulous research, development, and testing for optimal efficacy and safety.

• Join us on this journey toward optimal intimate health, where modern medicine and Ayurveda unite for unparalleled hygiene solutions.

• Welcome to Dermasatva, where your well-being reigns supreme.

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